Hi, thanks so much for popping in!   I’m Stacey, a native New Yorker, and along with my life partner Danny, we have three kiddos (one middle schooler, one second grader and one in Pre K !) that makes up our little party of five.

We live in NYC, one of the greatest cities in the world, and we’re trying to live a big, beautiful life….all on a budget.  I’m looking forward to making this a fun and valuable place for you, where I hope you’ll get some fresh ideas, inspiration, and perhaps a new perspective.

I’ll be talking mamahood, womanhood (and plan to feature some incredible women on here),  family life, fashion, style, travel,  the best kid’s stuff, food, and most of all and my personal fave, party style and inspiration and doing it all on a budget!

As a native New Yorker, ex PR /Event Planner who has been at home with her kids for over a decade, it’s exciting to get to write a bit again and dive into something I’m passionate about. I’m also just starting a party planning biz so there will be lots of party inspiration on here. Life is meant to be celebrated and I’m always looking for a good excuse to throw a party!

(Psst,  the very next post is all about our last minute sweet Valentine’s Day kid’s party so be sure to check it out for some party inspo and if you want to throw a little bash for your kiddos in no time! Here’s a little sneak peek):


I’ve been wanting to blog for years and I know I’m a little late to the party, (does my short-lived cupcake blog count back in the day? ) but I’ve been a bit busy raising these three cute little humans for the past decade, and now that they are all finally in school full time, there’s no better time to start.

*Their first day of school pic- September  2017

I’m so excited to finally be joining this amazing community and doing something I love. I’m looking forward to going on this journey and hope you’ll join me.  I know there is much to learn and I look forward to sharing the ups, the downs and all arounds of mamahood and life.

This won’t be a place of perfection (because I now know there is no such thing) but rather a place to inspire and be inspired, to share ideas, to talk about the big things and the little things as well , and most of all a place of fun, one where everyone is welcome.








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