Kid’s Valentine’s Day Party

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! What better time to start off of a new blog than during the month of love!💕


We decided to throw a last minute little Valentine’s Day party for our kiddos and a few friends and I’m excited to share with you how we pulled it off.  With a few tips, anyone can throw a little party like this in no time.

We kept it small and super sweet (pun intended!) because after a few months of holidays and parties that start with Halloween (not to mention all three of my kid’s birthdays crammed into Nov and Dec), and end with New Years Eve, I’m slightly party pooped out, if that’s even possible! January is a quiet month for partying though so come February,  it’s time to party hearty ( pun intended, yes, ok I’m a little corny) again!

Took my little girl along for some party shopping and she was thrilled to be in a sea of pink!

The best part about this little love party is that it’s all super doable and budget friendly. All of the items are from big chain stores like Target, Party City and Michaels.  I love ordering unique  items for parties from those lovely little Etsy shops, and sites like ShopSweetLuLu and Oh Happy Day too though  but sometimes you just can’t get it together fast enough to do both, (you feel me mamas?). Luckily, there are always plenty of pretty little decorations and sweet deals  to be had at the big stores!

Once we had all our party stuff, it was time to make the magic happen and put it all together!

I know that planning a party can be a little overwhelming, not always knowing where to start, so what I like to do is to come up with a backdrop first. It sets the the whole tone and look of the party. A great backdrop can serve as the focal point of the party We have a sideboard in our dining area and I always use that as mine.  It works well because it leaves room for other fun party stuff, like food, sweet treats and goodie bags which also serves as decoration! A kitchen table or or folding table up against a wall works quite well too!

For this last minute celebration, I found the backdrop last though. I spotted this cute tablecloth at Michaels and wasn’t sure what I would end up doing with it, but when I got home, I realized it would make an adorable and colorful backdrop. I mean who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a flurry of little hearts!


The one thing I ordered online (and thank goodness for Amazon Prime and quick delivery!) was this sweet as can be love balloon. What’s Valentines Day without a big love, am I right? I rounded out the backdrop with pink heart balloons from Party City.  And no party is complete without balloons on the floor! So festive!  I’m big into decorations doing double duty (saves money and time!) and balloons on the floor adds another pop of color, plus the kids love throwing them up in the air so that’s one fun activity! Check!

One of my fave spots to shop for party goods is Target. I get pretty giddy walking up the seasonal, holiday and party aisles and don’t even get me started on the dollar spot, which I JUST found out is called Bullseye Playground! Who knew!?

I found this cute striped cookie tin in the Bullseye Playground for $3!  I knew it would be perfect on the party table.  Mixing colors and patterns, while keeping within the theme, is what makes your party style pop!  I ended up putting Hershey’s kisses in there because, well,  you know,  you have to have chocolate AND  kisses on Valentine’s Day of course!

Now please just try and tell me those mini cake platters aren’t just the cutest things you’ve ever seen!  Guess where I found them? Bullseye again!  Ready for how much? 1 each! Yup, one buck!  I couldn’t resist. And because everything was so last minute, I had no clue what I was putting on them and then I bumped into those cute bags filled with strawberry marshmallow hearts. Thank you again Target!  They look super cute sitting on top of the platters. No reason why marshmallows shouldn’t have their day in the spotlight too!

After that, we headed over to Michaels and knew I’d find some cute items to round out the rest of the party. I wanted to get small goodie bags to give out, so as I always do when I style my parties, the goodie bags MUST be cute enough to do double duty (time and money savers, people!) and serve as decorations too. I filled them with some “be mine” heart candies,  plastic heart bracelets I found at Michaels, and they’d also be the place where the kid’s could put their foam heart crafts and heart shaped cookies when it was time to go home.

Not to be forgotten are the cute heart shaped crazy straws I found at Party City for $.025 a piece! Couldn’t resist those and since we had them already, when I saw the these nostalgic mini milk bottles, I had visions of them filled with pink strawberry milk!  I know, I tend to get a little carried away. I can’t help myself.  Totally didn’t need them but they’re the frosting on the cake. But how cute are they, especially when these cuties are drinking from them!?

Oh and did I mention those XO napkins!? I am obsessed with them. They give the perfect graphic pop. Just love them. Target Spritz again! $3!

I threw some pink shredded paper down for more color pop and texture ,and those cute little hearts? My daughter couldn’t wait for the party to start crafting, so she made some hearts and put them on the table to help me out and voila, more decor! I think she may have been bitten by the party bug. Like mama, like daughter! Again, I love anything that serves more than one function to style a party because it saves time and money, and seriously,  who couldn’t a little more of both!?

Speaking of crafty hearts, I have to say THE very best purchase of this party though were the Valetine’s Day crafts. Now I like to DIY one in a while, but really, who always has time for all that! So when I spotted these super-ridiculously-cutest-ever heart crafts from Target’s Spritz, I may have literally jumped for joy right there in the aisle just like my girl here! (PS: I got her cute tutu from Target too AND her top which says More Love, More Peace!)

I picked up both the foam/glitter/gem heart AND the sewing hearts craft for $5 each!  I mean, hello, that was a no brainer! Even just one would have been fine but I thought I could save some for next year in case they don’t have them. That’s how much I love them! I heart you Target!

The kids were very busy for a long time crafting. The best part was they required no help from the grownups. So easy and super fun!

For the party, we moved our kitchen table into the living room (we live in an apartment so they really are both the same room!) but we wanted to spread the decorations out a bit. For the table decor, I left it pretty simple, pink tablecloth decorated with the sequins (aka confetti)  from the foam heart craft (genius money saver, huh!?). Remember, double duty!  A few more of those cute heart shaped balloons and couple of confetti ones from Party City, and we were all set.

Here was the crafting and cookie making table before (above) and here it was after (below). I kind of like the after! Look even more festive!

How sweet is this little tic tac toe game with hearts and O’s? Target again for the win!

And no party is complete with sweet treats, most especially on Valentine’s Day!  Since it was later in the day, we didn’t have much in the way of real food (though I did cut out some pizza shaped hearts just in case but forgot to snap a photo of them) but we had frosted heart cakes, watermelon hearts and DIY heart sugar cookies, another great buy and time saver from Michaels Stores!

I fully intended to make the cookies from scratch as I usually do, but again super pressed for time, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found a pre-made six pack of heart sugar cookies at Michaels complete with everything you need to decorate them. I couldn’t resist making my homemade frosting though.

Rounding out the sugary treats were watermelon hearts. Cut out pepper hearts are  another great, healthy option to add to the mix if you want to balance out all that sugar! I always include them in my kids Valentine’s Day lunches. Come back to check those out here on Wednesday❤

And to quench our thirst, I got Honest Berry Berry Good Lemonade ( lower sugar than most other juice containers) for the kids and they’re pretty in pink too. And last but not least, I can’t remember the last time I had a party without my favorite Lorina’s Sparkling Pink Lemonade! It fit perfectly in for the Valentine’s Day theme!  (Ssh, that’s MY special treat!)

These sweet friends had a blast! I hope this sparks some ideas on how to make your own last minute sweet little Valentine’s (or Galentine’s Day) bash! There’s still some time left.

Happy love day! Wishing you all lots of love not just on Valentine’s Day, but on every ordinary extraordinary day!




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